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    Non-rectangular Button?  (or other components?)

      Is it possible to skin a Button (or other components) to be non-rectangular ?

      For example, I have a .swf file created in Flash that is a triangle. And the hit area in Flash is set to be just that triangle, and not the rectangular space surrounding it.

      But if I use that .swf as a skin in Flex, like this:
      Button {
      over-skin: Embed(source="triangleButton.swf");
      up-skin: Embed(source="triangleButton.swf");
      down-skin: Embed(source="triangleButton.swf");
      the Button component is still rectangular. That is, I can click on the area outside of the triangle and still activate the button.

      I guess an alternative question is, can I control the hit area of a component in Flex?