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    Firefox fixes; Netscape and IE, too

    HKabaker Level 2
      I've updated a collect of patches that help improve the initial load and reloading of WebHelp, and correcti the display and behavior of the toolbar and minibar (also called the navigation bar). Mostly they help Firefox and Netscape. They also solve one or two problems in Internet Explorer.

      Except for the last patch below, I previously posted these in the forum, and Peter Grainge picked up several for his excellent RH troubleshooting site. I'm not repeating the earlier ones here, but will be happy to send a summary Word doc to anyone who sends me a private message.

      Adobe did make some housekeeping code changes in RH 6, but (as of the trial version) none of those suggested here except one for whtbar.js, as explained in the summary.

      The usual disclaimer: It works for me but I can't guarantee your results. Back up everything. Experiment on a small project or a minimized copy of the working project. I haven't tested these in RH 6, but a quick look at files in the trial version didn't find any likely problems. If you test them in RH 6, please report back either here or in a private message.

      Regards to all,

      Purpose: Improve the pace of loading the left pane after displaying the launch topic in Firefox and Netscape, and perhaps IE.
      File: launchfile.htm

      Purpose: Improve the loading and reloading the left frame in Firefox and Netscape. Particularly, display the browse sequence buttons and hide X icon. No apparent effect on IE.
      File: whtbar.js

      Purpose: Eliminate excessive reloading in Firefox and Navigator, particularly when resizing the window or left pane.
      File: whtbar.js

      Purpose: Might improve loading the toolbar and navigation bar. All browsers.
      Files: whskin_tbars.htm and whskin_mbars.htm

      Purpose: Prevent the toolbar background image from repeating in the navigation bar. All browsers
      File: whskin_mbars.htm

      Purpose: Improve the pace of loading WebHelp in Firefox and Netscape. No discernable effect on IE.
      File: whstart.js

      Near the beginning: