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    Is there a way to simplify the EPUB output in the latest updates?

    Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

      With the updates adding "more control over CSS," I find that there's a CSS file generated for every document in the book.


      It used to be that there was one style.css file for the entire EPUB, and that made it easy for me to change <span class="CharOverride-N">...</span> to <em>...</em> when streamlining the eBook.


      But now, in one document, <span class="CharOverride-1">...</span> is bold, in another document the same class means italic. This change has turned a 30 second process into 60 minutes, since I have to check each document one at a time to do the correct replacement.


      Is there a way to revert to the previous behavior? Or to make the output consistent so that the overrides are the same in all files?


      Or, even better ... if a span of text is marked as [Font Family] Italic, why can't InDesign just output <em>...</em> with no spans and no CharOverride styles at all?