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    Adding light effects to a banner

    rstasik Level 1

      I'm very new to Adobe Edge and am wondering if it is possible to add a light effect as seen at this link:


      http://activeden.net/item/xml-text-effect-back-light/47739?WT.oss_phrase=bitfade&WT.oss_ra nk=5&WT.z_author=bitfade&WT.ac=search_list


      to my logo that I created in Adobe Photoshop.  The logo/banner can be viewed at this link:




      I have exported the various layers as png files into AE but don't see where or how to add this type of effect.  So far I have only figured out how to fade the logo in.  Am I using the wrong program?  If so, what should i be using.  If not, is there a tutorial available to show me how to add lighting effects?


      This is a whole new world to me, so any help is greatly appreciated.