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    Simple IF/THEN type app...

    TysonBirmann Level 1

      Hey all,

      I'm new and looking to build (what I think is) a very simple app. My girlfriend has to memorize a lot of the 3 letter Airport codes for work. I thought I'd make her an app that would show her the name of the airport and she can type a 3 letter code. If it is right it would PLAY the next frame that would have the next question.  If not it would say something like TRY AGAIN... and the play head would stay put.  

      I would just copy the frame for the 100 plus codes and input the question and proper answer into the code.

      I obviously don't code.

      I'm going to learn soon, but for now I'm hoping to score some points here! ha

      Thanks for any help you can provide.