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    With InDesign CC 2014.2 v10.2.0.69 one thing has changed DRAMATICALLY

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hello together!


      With inDesign CC 2014.2 some new features were introduced.
      One of these features is the brand new menu command "Ungroup Remembers Layer".


      In my German InDesign its name is "Ebenen beim Aufheben der Gruppe beibehalten".

      It does what its named like. It will remember the layers of grouped objects after ungrouping.


      But in the current version a severe bug sneaked in:
      That new feature does not only remember the layers of the grouped objects, but also the spread where the group was added.

      But this "only", if you move or duplicate a group. Also by using the methods move() or duplicate(). Not, if you copy/paste a group.


      So, if you ungroup() an ordinary group, all the ungrouped objects will be positioned on the spread the group was initially added.

      Provided: The new feature "Ungroup Remembers Layer" is checked in the moment you ungroup() !

      This bug is also present when the user is working the "Ungroup" command from the UI.

      See the following discussion here:

      Updated ID CC 2014 with Feb 2015 release, ungrouping objects causes them to vanish

      1. Unfortunately: "Ungroup Remembers Layer" is always checked by default.

      2. The more unfortunately, because: "Ungroup Remembers Layer" is not mentioned in the release notes of CC 2014.2.

      So the average user does not know anything about it!

      Conclusion: Scripting is getting even more adventurous with InDesign CC 2014.2 v10.2.0.69

      I will write a follow-up about things we can or have to do about this issue.
      Please contribute to my post here. Until a bug fix is in place, this will affect a lot of scripts.


      Download the following movie from my Dropbox account to see the bug in action:



      A note on the movie:

      It is not necessary to have different layers, changing layer visibility, not to have a facing pages layout to see this bug.

      A simple layout, a document with more than one spread will show the bug, if you move (not copy/paste), simply move or duplicate by holding the alt key + dragging the group to a different layer from the layer you have grouped the objects initally. Ungrouping now will show the bug, if option "Ungroup Remembers Layers" is checked in the Layers Panel.


      Here some dummy code, that will force the bug as well:


      var myGroup = spreadOne.groups.add(myRectanglesArrayOnThatSpread);
      //Result: ungrouped objects on spread one instead on spread two


      var myGroup = spreadOne.groups.add(myRectanglesArrayOnThatSpread);
      var myDupGroup = myGroup.duplicate(spreadTwo);
      //Result: ungrouped objects on spread one instead on spread two


      A final note: The bug could hit with all the groups a user added already to a document.