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    Distorted (interlaced?) look after export in AE CS6


      I am working on AE CS6. My current footage is a .png photo of a model in plaid clothing. I need to zoom in the photo. The problem is, when I export my project, the clothing on a model are completely distorted (interlaced?). I uploaded a sample on Youtube so you can see it BUT ACTUALLY Youtube somehow converts it the way it looks quite good: test - YouTube. But on a computer, video (on clothing area) is completely smudging and flickering, I can't give it to a client like that.


      Here is a picture of the clothing pattern that causes the problem:


      I already tried:

      - exporting to different formats

      - switching project settings from 8 to 16 to 32 bit

      - setting "Upper/Lower Field First" in "Interpret Footage" settings of a photo


      In every case effect is the same. I also tried to export the same photo in Premiere Pro - and it looks great, only AE has a problem... I need really quick help on this! THX!