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    EasyCatalogue help (InDesign)




      I was wondering if there are any easy catalogue experts on here.


      Is it possible to automatically remove an image box, if the data field has no contents, but populate with the relevant image if the field content is there, whilst also populating with a 'Missing Image' graphic if the data is there but image within the data source is missing?


      Also, is it possible to automatically insert an image box within a Product Style if there is more than one image code specified within the data for said product?


      So, initially I am after setting up a product style with one image box, if there is no image linked to the product it would be automatically removed, if there is one image it would place it, if there are 2 or more, Easy cat would add extra image boxes, if there is an image specified but missing, it places a missing graphic.


      Many thanks in advance