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      Maybe some of the below requests are available now and I'm not aware or they are in development (cross fingers), but here they are:


      Scalable interface for high dpi screens! (Like Photoshop) Also, it would be great to have big buttons on the UI based of the comp viewer size.


      Show Layer Styles in the Effects Panel like an effect (not forcing the user to navigate the layer controls to find them).


      Show Guides from an imported PSD document.

      Collapse option Smart Objects from Photoshop (which are right now treated like bitmaps)

      Shape layers from Photoshop must remain as AE shape layer not as a Solid with a Mask

      Add AME templates to the Render Cue.


      Show audio waveforms in Timeline without having to unfold properties thrice.


      Layer Groups in Timeline (sometimes “Shy” is just NOT enough!)


      Be able to change the height of a given layer in Timeline (like Premiere).


      Thumbnails for layers on the Timeline.


      Have the “Adjust composition duration” not only in the “move all attributes” option when Precomposing (like “Trim compose”).

      Be able to choose precomp size either based on the scale of the objects or user definable.


      Have the option to maintain the scale of a precomp based on the biggest object selected.


      Multiple composition properties changer: Scale, FPS, Duration, etc.


      Track individual vertices on masks and translate a vertex without affecting the track or editing every keyframe.


      Double click over tab titles (of a panel )to expand or close them.


      Shorcuts for shape layer properties :  Scale, rotation etc ( double S for scale ? )


      For God’s sake let us import Photoshop brushes already! ;-)


      Paint on collapsed Illustrator files!


      Fast drag to import all videos in a folder or audios (like Premiere).


      Photoshop: Please add an Effects (Filters) window and search field (like After Effects)


      Proper adjustement layer support for imported Photoshop files.


      When importing image sequences, it would be best to collapse files to see them as one file (like Smoke or Nuke do).


      Distorsion mesh, Power pin, Corner pin: Resize grid or handles to masked area, not the whole layer.


      Being able to zoom in more than 800% in 2k and 400% on 4k


      Why .h264 .mov files can’t be encoded at more than 2000px wide?


      Have the option to choose between Icon (Thumbnail) or List view on the Project panel. Like premiere , and roll over a video file to scroll it.


      START, END AND WORK Area Information ON THE COMPOSITION WINDOW. (And big numbers please)


      Fade the color of a layer when its visibility is disabled (“The Eye” is not active). Like the “stretch negative” warning graphic.


      Respect the color of layers when importing Photoshop documents into AE.


      Include Premiere projects from Dynamic Link sequences when collecting files.


      Dark menu bar like the rest of the UI (like Photoshop or Illustrator). from Render_Ricks


      Show the anchor point of a layer while you are editing the mask


      Ctrl + H to hide guides


      Convert to editable text ....also on illustrator layers.


      Respect a Group of layers inside Illustrator the same way it does from Photoshop (as a comp)



      That's all Todd