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    Can't login Creative Cloud app

    Yan Mulder

      We are having trouble login on the creative cloud app.

      This is the error:




      We've changed local DNS: (we also had trouble reaching Adobe pages on a windows machine in all types of browsers, changing this solved that problem)

      1. adobeid-na1.services.adobe.com
      2. services-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com
      3. services-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com
      4. services-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com
      5. lm-prd-da1.licenses.adobe.com
      6. hl2rcv.adobe.com
      7. ims-na1.adobelogin.com
      8. adobelogin-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com
      9. adobelogin-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com
      10. adobelogin-ue1.prod.ims.adobejanus.com

      Now we're stuck... anybody got a sollution?