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    OSX 10.9.5 - Unclickable area in Lightroom 5


      Have a strange issue with Lightroom 5 on my Mac. There seems to be an area that is to the upper right of the screen that is not clickable and doesn't recognize the mouse. For example, in Libray view if you hover over images, they highlight without clicking. In this area, which in my current zoom is about three thumbnails high by three thumbnails wide (appx 3in x 3in with my current screen) that doesn't seem to recognize that the mouse exists. This same area translates to other sections of Lightroom. In Develop, I cannot grab the image or make adjustments directly to this area. Other areas of the image / screen work just fine. Now for the really strange part, if I grab the entire application and move it one direction or the other, this area seems to stay constant, as in it doesn't move with the application. If I move it down... I can no longer click on areas higher than before but I can then click on the images that were unclickable before. It's like there is a dead spot in a specific area of the screen where Lightroom doesn't recognize the mouse but it is static on the screen and not in the application! If I minimize the application or swap to a different display panel within my computer there are no issues in this area. It's only when LR is up that this area is 'dead'.


      Any thoughts on this? I am going to give my computer a reboot and check for updates.