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    Another Custom Color Problem

      OK, I found Kuler because of NAPP and thought it would be a nice tool. I'm trying to create my custom colors but it does not seem to work. I'm using win Vista, and the latest version of FF, flash player 9. When I enter the hex code, the color does not change. If I use the slides, it skips over numbers that I need. If I enter the colors rgb numbers, they stay until I click to the next swatch and revert back to the previous code? If I do it by CMYK I get a different shade of color than I do in Illustrator.

      I'm trying to create a color swatch based on a web site I'm making and I can't get this thing to work. The color I'm having the most problem with is ABC178 or RGB code 171, 193, 120 I can get close, but not those values. Entering HEX does not change any of the above values.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          That does sound frustrating.

          Just checking, did you hit return after inputting the values? I'm able to input the ABC178 hex value and the RGB equivalent using Win XP FF 1.5. I input the number, hit return and the swatch changes,

          If you did hit return, please send me your OS/browser version.

          Additional tip: if for some reason you can't get the insertion point for the color value input field (only the hand), try clicking on another space and then reselect the one you want. Hope this helps!