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    PE 13: What is the best way to cut out an unwanted segment and leave a fade-out/fade-in overlap?  Without multi-track overlaps?


      I have a long video segment and want to remove unwanted segments and replace them with fade-in/fade-out transitions.  I know that I can do this between two separate video tracks by fading out Video 1 and fading in Video 2 and having the two tracks overlap during the transition.  Is there an easy way to do this on the same track?  The way I've done this before is to cut out the unwanted segment, then move the two segments to separate tracks and overlap them.


      To compound the problem, I have a separate audio track for the wireless microphone I'm wearing. I need to pull that into the fade transitions.  So that's Video 1 and Audio 1 with Narration, all cut at the same time with overlapping fade-out/fade-in in the fewest steps.  Can Premiere Elements 13 handle that?