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    Does Lightroom use internet/network when importing pictures/videos? Lightroom.exe and dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe shows up in network usage in resource monitor


      Hi all, am intending to do some editing on me and my gf's pictures, and I need to assure her that it's not going to go onto the internet (she's extremely private). As such, am just trying to make sure that my pictures or videos will not unintentionally leave my computer.


      So far what I have done is to use the firewall to block internet access, but seems like lightroom is still showing up in network activity.


      Have been checking out Win 7's resource monitor, and realise that during import, lightroom.exe and dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe show up in network activity and transfer around a few thousand bytes per second. Is this normal, and does it mean all my pictures are being uploaded? I do note that the address, instead of an external IP address, lists my computer instead.


      Thanks in advance!