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    Unrecognized Characters?


      I created a brochure using InDesign CS5 last year. I need to go in and make a few changes so that we can reprint it. I was having trouble exporting the file however I was able to fix that issue by saving the file as .IDML as another poster suggested, opened it in InDesign and resaved it. When I opened the file to work on it, I am getting a message about missing linked files, when i try to relink them I now get the following message.


      Cannot access "filename.tif". This filename may include one or more unrecognized charaters. Please change the filename in windows Explorer and try again.


      I have never had issues with the file names before and have not made any changes to these files since i first created the brochure. All the files are .TIF files created in Photoshop.