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    Unable to open EPUB 3.0 files

    sdwareham Level 1

      I'm using ADE 4.0.3 and i'm having trouble trying to open any EPUB 3.0 document. eBooks created as EPUB 2.0 are opening fine, but when I try to open an EPUB 3.0 document I get a message saying "unable to open....errors were encountered in this item.


      I have tried opening EPUB 3.0 files that I have made myself and pass the EPUBCHECK validatior.

      I have tried opening EPUB 3.0 sample fiels from epub-samples - EPUB 3 Sample Documents - Google Project Hosting

      I also tried creating a very simple EPUB 3.0 file out of InDesign CC.


      All with the same results so far. Is ADE fully compatible with EPUB 3.0? The release notes say it should be able to open these files, they do open with all other eReaders I've tried. Am I missing something with how ADE works?