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    Constant crashes with Edge Animate and Yosemite

    lynnstp Level 1

      I'm using Edge Animate running on a macbook pro and it is crashing every few minutes (like many others are reporting).


      The program is up-to-date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it.

      Sometimes after a minute or two of working, the display features disappear. Old bounding boxes remain but, with some careful cursor action, I can still manipulate the image or symbol. . .  until the entire program freezes. Other times things just stop working (e.g., motion paths). The only solution is to force quit the program -- the button on the crash notice rarely works.


      Each time it crashes, it seems to create another Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014.1 Helper in the Activity Monitor (don't know what that means). I've tried deleting them but it doesn't help.


      In the console, I get

      2/18/15 9:16:30.612 AM Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014.1[4172]: *** Assertion failure in -[NSEvent subtype], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-1343.16/AppKit.subproj/NSEvent.m:2427


      There are 43 lines (!!!) that are identical to the one above.


      This is obviously a known problem and needs to be acknowledged and fixed!