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    Need help with sound scubber

    Opera Rat
      Could someone please help me out. I am so close to having this sound scrubber work.

      Here is what is not working:

      --The slider thumb does not move when the music is playing and it should.

      --Also when you slide the slider thumb, the musical score (frame) should change and it doesn't.

      This is a bit different from scrubbers for Mp3 or other SWA files.

      You can go to http://www.bachharpsichord.com/AudioCD.zip and get the <1Meg file and xtra (they have to be in the same folder and the extra is in demo mode (which is free for all to try)).

      When you try to run the program you need to put a music CD in your CD drive. The first track should be around 3 minutes. I have cuepoints in the program which move to the next frame(page) while the music is playing.

      Thank to all you geniuses!!