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      I'm still a rookie to Macromedia. But how do you fade the background of a design from one color to another in Fireworks. I never liked solid colors on a design. Here's an example site of what I'm talking about.
      How the white is gradually changed to gray. Or it could be any 2 colors fading into one or the other. Thanks....Fireworks and Paintshop are the graphic design tools I have right now. I will be getting Photoshop in a few weeks, though...
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          abeall Level 3
          Fades like that are done using gradient fills. Try this:

          1. Open Fireworks and start a new document.
          2. Select the Rectangle tool
          3. Drag a rectangle on the canvas the size you want. TIP: If you hold shift while dragging, it will make a square. If you hold space while dragging, you can move the rectangle without letting go. If you hold the up/down arrow while dragging, you can change the rounded edges.
          4. Look in the Properties panel for the paint bucket icon with the color selector. To the right there should be a dropdown, it will probably say "Solid". Click it and choose Gradient > Linear
          5. Now you can click the color selector square and choose what colors it fades to.

          Hope that helps!