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    Image Preloader, is it working?

    McArger Level 1
      I am creating an image viewer, but its more complicated than just a simple slideshow. It has different animated transitions and different text overlays. What I am trying to do is create an image preloader to load all images when the flash first loads. I think I have done this, but I'm not 100% sure its working right. I have a movie clip which contains a series of movie clips within it, one for each image. I load an image onto each of those movie clips. (eg. holder_mc.mc1, holder_mc.mc2, holder_mc.mc3, etc) Then once everything is loaded I begin the animation which moves through the images using transitions and various text. During this animation I am alternating between two other movie clips and am loading the image paths using:
      The question I have is, since I loaded these images into a movie clip earlier, is it using a cache of this image now or am I still just loading the image from the server every time I do that? I have tried uploading it but its hard to tell with my high speed internet if its using the cache or downloading each time. I have also tried simulating the download, but it seems to do something a little different each time.
      Is there another way to use the images that I have stored in the holder_mc?
      The other problem I'm having is with my MovieClipLoader. For some reason it won't call code in the onLoadProgress, but it will call code from the onLoadInit. Any obvious things I should check?
      I do appologize for the lack of clarity. Its very hard to communicate all the problems without plunking in all my code, which I'm sure nobody wants to see.
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          McArger Level 1
          I should also mention that I am loading all images externally using an xml file for path names and other data. So I'm trying to load external jpgs into a set of movie clips. When I load all the images into a movie clip, and load the files somewhere else using the filename, am I reloading the images or does flash know to look in its own buffer for the images?

          Any help here would be great.
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            McArger Level 1
            Well, since nobody is replying, I thought I would post my code after all if it helps anyone. Thanks.
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              Well your question is not related to scripting errors or problem all you need is a proper testing environment...

              So upload it to a server and test it from some other comp and bandwith setting.
              or you can grab any web simulator software which will give you the option to choose different bandwith setting.

              if all this fails post the link so that we all can test and answer you question