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    InDesign CS5.5 Crash - Overset Text & Footnotes


      Hey Everyone,


      I've been experiencing a few problems with InDesign CS5.5 (WIN) where placed Word documents with no apparent corruption (approximately 25-30 pages in length max) will crash InDesign whenever I go to move the overset text into a new frame or whenever I apply a paragraph style to a footnote. I was able to mostly correct the first issue (overset text) by creating enough frames to hold the entire text before placing it (as opposed to generating individual frames on an "as needed" basis by clicking on the overset text button.) I am still having trouble though when I am applying paragraph styles to the footnotes. Here's what happens: I will select a particular footnote, go to paragraph styles, select the Footnote Reference style I created that will adjust the font size, leading, and indentation, and then the program will go unresponsive and my cursor will blue spiral forever until I force quit the program. I tried to retype the footnote with the appropriate formatting, but when I went to delete the original text, the program froze in the same way. I even tried saving the document as InDesign markup, which fixed a few of the footnotes, but most of them still are causing this same issue.

      I am wondering if there might be some hidden corruption I am missing, as this will only happen on certain footnotes, but I haven't encountered it in reviewing the original Word documents and even saving the original text into different safe formats does not have any effect.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Is this just some CS5.5 instability that is telling me it's time to finally update? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!