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    My video glitches in a strange way...


      Hi, i'm having a problem with all my videos that I complete on After Effects. It's hard to explain what happens but it catches glimpses of previous projects and flashes them randomly every once in a while in my video.

      Here's some examples:

      [Chillstep] Klrx & Kaj.- Empathy [1080p HD] - YouTube 

      (Between 1:54 and 1:57 theres a frame of it on the bottomish.) [Edit: I've managed to get a pic of the frame Gyazo - dd1cb7daaa73b89ecc484406a0008226.png]

      That frame is from a previous video I made which is: [Dubstep] Tarro - Flashpoint (Spag Heddy Remix) [1080p HD] - YouTube

      This video also does something similar by flashing parts from a previous project. I do not understand what is happening. I checked to see if I had any of the files from the previous project in that current composition but there is no evidence of this. Please help! This has been happening to every one of my videos, even when I restart After Effects!