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    Text field not updating ?

    BSisson Level 1

      I have a very simple script that was almost lifted from this forum.


      The only changes I made were to make in generic so I could push it up to the document script level and call the same script for multiple buttons.


      I have two input text boxes  (Section+"NewDefect" and Section+"NewDefectExport")

      They get put into textVal, exportVal and stuffed into the list called (Section+"Issues") when a button is pushed

      This works fine....  It should as it was lifted from this forum


      My Issue.... I want to clear/reset/blank the input text fields when I am done....


      I have tried textVal   = null, textVal   = " ", textVal.value   = null

      getting the pointer again and setting it to " " ie :    var rawtextVal   = this.getField(Section+"NewDefect"); rawtextVal = " "


      Why can't I blank/clear those text fields?



      function add_btn(Section)


          var textVal   = this.getField(Section+"NewDefect").value; 

          var exportVal = this.getField(Section+"NewDefectExport").value;

          var listFld   = this.getField(Section+"Issues");

          if (textVal)


              listFld.insertItemAt(textVal, exportVal, 0);   // Everything works GREAT to here...


          textVal     = " ";

          exportVal = " ";        // these seem to be ignored no matter what I do. a println shows they are being executed



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          To change the value of a field you have to access it directly. Your variables are just holding the value of the field, they're not a reference to it.


          You can change the value of a field like this:

          this.getField("Field name").value = "new value;


          Or like this:

          var f = this.getField("Field name");

          f.value = "new value";


          But not like this:

          var v = this.getField("Field name").value;

          v = "new value";