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    Can a script be written to take the next 2 files in a folder and place them on a background image..then saving with the first images filename..?


      Hello all, I hope you can help.


      In Photoshop I have a problem to overcome and have delved into the world of scripting..

      If there is a quick way to produce the following could someone help me with some pointers?


      Here is my situation..


      I need to produce a photograph proof card, these are for a double image option so cause me a headache compared to just creating an action..

      This proof card really is just a set of two different photographs placed onto a background image.

      I would produce two different images of the same person and name them exactly the same except they are suffixed with an A or B to keep them together, these would be in a folder with approx 500 other images for example (250 x two of each person)


      My preference for the process would be done in the following sequence:


      1/ Open the background file jpg (which is sized at 2400 x 1800 pixels @ 300dpi)

      2/ Load the first image from the batch file and place this.

      3/ Get the filename of the first image and create it as a text layer and write it below the image at 10 point text size.

      4/ Create another copy of this layer and change the font to 3of9barcode font, however the font needs an asterisk before the text then again after it. e.g. *filenameA*

           Only the first image has the need for a barcode as they are for the same person. This is at 18 point.

      5/ Load the next sequential image from the batch file and place this.

      6/ Get the filename for the second image and as Item 3/ create a text layer below at 10 point text size.

      7/ Place a png overlay with my copyright information over the images (I need to do this twice, once for each image)

      8/ Flatten the images and save the file in a new folder with the same filename as the first image.



      I can do this in Lightroom with the exception of putting the barcoded text, and the filenaming, this is because the background image is used as the identity plate and the filename is not based on the data from either photograph..


      Can anyone shed some light on where to go from here?


      Kind regards