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    Sound Fading Button

      have been playing with scripting a button where when you roll over it, it begins to play a voice over, that will be loaded from outside the swf and at the same time play a background music loop that will already be attached.

      When you roll out of the button, the voice stops immediatly and the music loop slowly fades out....I can't seem to get the background music to play(loop) more than once. it just plays once and stops. And when I roll off the button and put my pointer back on the button the voice plays but the background music won't.

      here is the example ">http://www.scottanthony.biz/soundtest/fade.html

      here is the file ">http://www.scottanthony.biz/soundtest/fade.fla

      http://www.scottanthony.biz/soundtest/scriptmp3.zip">here is the unattached mp3[/L]