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    AE Ram Preview/Memory Issues

    J Mansford

      EDIT - apologies, on further research I found this topic https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1625593

      which shows it's a well known issue with Yosemite & AE. But does this also account for the blue screen memory purge issues?





      I have recently upgraded to the 5K iMac with maxed out resources, and have the latest version of AE. But AE is not working smoothly as I would have expected.


      The most annoying thing is RAM previews. Every time I ram preview, with all projects, the first time the RAM preview plays back the first second's vision won't play [the audio will]. After this 1 sec freeze, the vision will start playback from 1 second into the work area.


      To get around this I either have to buffer an extra second of work area to see the part I want to see first time, or wait for the Ram preview to loop and see the start the second time around.



      The other problem is when adding effects into a composition, for example Optical Flares or Particular, the comp window turns blue. I then have to purge memory to get an actual preview back.



      Neither issue seems to be project specific and just happens across the board, no matter how simple or complicated a project is.



      Any ideas? Not really the greatest working environment from a new system with the latest software.


      Thanks in advance for any help on this.