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    How do I resolve CS6 issues on Mac Yosemite 10.10.2?


      An error message on an open file  from Indesign said it had lost data connection. Indesign crashed, and so did my whole computer -Macbook pro 10.10.2. Had to get data recovery service to recover my HD contents, but all open INDD files during crash were damaged and I cannot open them (Error code 5).

      Next error message said problems had to do with Creative Cloud, so I uninstalled it. Now I can't install Creative Cloud desktop (error code1)  Creative Cloud cleaner tool doesn't help.

      Unable to install CS6. Error message: Installer failed to initialize. Please download Adobe Support Advisor. to detect problem. Clicked on link: Adobe Support Advisor has been discontinued.


      Indesign works but I am nervous about these problems. Should I re-install CS6 and if so, how?


      Thanks in advance for your help.