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    I have two script. one for indesign and another for photoshop. how can i merge both scripts?

    virender_CTS Level 1

      hi all,


      i have one script for indd which convert a user selected table as JPG (1276 px width, height varies). Second photoshop script which ask user to select jpg file and then check if pixel height is less than 1018 pixel, then it enlarge canvas size(height) to 1018 px.


      how can i combine both script, any tip or how to start would be helpful? The workflow should be:

      • user select the table in indd document
      • table export as jpg
      • script will ask to select table jpg file or if it can be automated too that would be good.
      • enlarge canvas height to 1018 px




      PS: i already read the Java scirpt tool guide pdf but unable to understood