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    Hard drive publish service with smart folder isn't pickup up all files matching the criteria


      I have a hard drive publish service that is supposed to pick up everything with a particular keyword in it.  I have had this publish folder around for years with no problems.  When I looked at tonight it listed a few photos as to be removed that I hadn't modified.  I verified these 'deleted' photos had the appropriate keyword and tried the publish hoping it wouldn't actually remove them from the to publish group, but it did remove them.  I removed the publish service and set up a new one and built the same smart folder, but it is still missing the photos.  I have also tried removing the keyword from the affected photos and reapplying, no dice. 


      The publish service smart folder is matching 2071 photos, the keyword count is listed as 2084 photos... 


      Using lightroom 5.7 standalone on a Mac running the latest OS X Yosemite, 10.10.2.