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    Lightroom Mobile sync fail

    S de Saulles

      Well, it sounded good, so I tried it, on just 6 images, those worked, so then I set a larger number, yes, a massive 26 images, yes, that is 26, not 26,000.


      It just sits there, and the six images that were visible on iOS are now gone, (I did move them to the new 26 photo collection, so that could be why)


      In iOS the new "Collection" name shows up  along with the number of photos that should be in it, but there are none after 12 hours. I've tried uninstalling and reinstall of LR mobile, no difference.


      On LR desktop the collection has has 26 photos in it, syncing is on, the almost invisible sync tag is showing alongside the collection.   The only thing it has managed to do is remove the previous testt folder, so I am now down to 0 photos on Lightroom mobile. Not impressive.


      So, questions:

      1. Is it possible to tell from Lightroom (desktop) the status of a sync. i.e have they uploaded and the problem is in the iOS version, or not even uploaded.

      2. Is it possible to use a web browser to see what has uploaded - i.e. check that the images are in the Adobe "cloud"

      3. how long should it take to sync 24 off 5184x3456 pixel jpegs?  (I have both my laptop and phone liked to a 60MB/s fibre broadband connection - being Virgin Media the upload is a bit pitiful at only 2MB/s - but still, surely it shouldn't take days? - the exact same images uploaded to Alamy in about 15 mins)

      4. within the setting fly-out on the LHS on LR Mobile. there are sliders for "Sync only over WiFi", Show touches" & "collect usage data". The first two are set to off, the last one to send data to Adobe is on. None of them can be changed. Same on iPad and iPhone.  Presumably they should be selectable or there wouldn't be an option - can anyone tell me how to enable this?


      P.S. I just found a sort of solution to Q.4., when re-installing you get to select those options, not phrased consistently with the options screen, but that seems to do it, but a bit mad you have to delete all your photos and data in order to change a setting, there must be another way.  There is a Setting within the iOS Settings, Lightroom, "Use Mobile Data" which you can slide to "off" position, but it makes seemingly no difference to the setting shown in Lightroom itself, which stays showing it will sync - are these supposed to be linked / synced or not?


      My iOS device (iPhone + iPad) see the new "Collection" name, but have no photos in then


      Perhaps LR mobile is all a bit embryonic and I should wit for it to mature a bit, but I thought just syncing a few images wouldn't be too challenging


      Thanks for any help.



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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did I get it right that the 26 photos are still not synced to Lr Mobile on your tablet/phone?


          If so could you please send send me a LR Desktop +Mobile diagnostig log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link


          You can trigger the Lr Desktop diagnostig log via LR Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button.


          The Lr Mobile app log can be triggered when you open up the settings and long press the to LR Icon a diagnostic log will be generated and attached to your local mail client. While opening the settings could you double check if you are signed-in?




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            S de Saulles Level 1

            Thank you Guido,


            It seems all I needed to do was wait, and then wait a bit more, and then wait a little longer.  It took about 14 hours to sync the 26 images - no progress bar air any clue on what progress there was, it just went from zero when I looked after about 13 hours to all 26 images after 15 hours.


            So not exactly a reliable tool currently if you need to rely on the transfer.  the same images are in my dropbox account, i did a test duplicating them, and they took about 6 minutes to sync between iPad and mac on the same network - i.e. uploading to DropBox 'cloud' then downloading the iPad.


            As I said before, seems a little embryonic perhaps, I think I will probably use it as a 'slide viewer' until the sync becomes a little quicker.


            Thanks for your message, and thankfully didn't need the diagnostics this time.



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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sync is normally very much faster than you've experienced. You should generate that diagnostic file to help Guido resolve whatever problem is affecting you.

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                greule Adobe Employee

                As John mentioned sync is normally much faster. Could you try this after a restart of you computer. It would be also interesting to know your network setup (wifi?) +firewall.