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    Search engine in a dedicated page


      Hi all ,


      I would like the customers who need to search in the help could perform their research in a page especially dedicated to this.

      I think the Research tool in the toolbar is not satisfactory to my standards -> lack of spaces for the answers, poor ergonomics ...

      So, here is what i would like to do:

      - The customer clicks on a link from any page of the documentation,
      - it opens a new page
      - this page contains the search engine that allows to search in a visual environment specially dedicated to that.

      I wonder if this is possible and if so how. I can't plan a working method to achieve this solution.

      For the moment, I am working on a single robohelp project and perhaps in the future with multiples robohelp projects merged.

      Please, don't hesitate to get back to me for more information and thank you very much for your replies .


      The link bellow can help you to a better understanding:





      Edition and version:

      - Windows 7 64 bits

      - Robohelp html

      - Version



      - Webhelp