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    InDesign 5.5 interesting script issue.  Please help!


      Hello everyone - I'm having an interesting issue on 3 company Macintosh machines running on Mavericks.  We still are on InDesign 5.5 and use a custom script to save and export files for the advertising teams.  On only these 3 machines, the script appears to run halfway then InDesign freezes with the spinning wheel.  I've manage to trap the problem.  In the Users Library > Caches > Adobe InDesign > Version 7.5 - if I trash the Version 7.5 folder and start up InDesign, the user can start up InDeisign 5.5 & use the script without issue for the day.  When the user either quits InDesign or logs out of the machine, the next time they log in and start InDesign, the script will not function again until I trash that cache file for them.  How do I permanently fix this issue for these users?  All of our other 50 plus macs are working just fine with InDesign 5.5.  Thanks for your help!!