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    Indesign can't see fonts when system Helvetica Neue is removed


      This isn't an InDesign specific problem, but Im hoping someone can help us.


      We are a OS X prepress shop that is, typically, behind in software and OS releases. We use a postscript Helvetica Neue. We are migrating from 10.6 to 10.8 and are experiencing a huge problem with a Helvetica Neue conflict. We use a PS Helvetica Neue that conflicts with the Apple System Helvetica Neue as they both have the same font name.


      Following many guides I have been able to remove the system Helvetica Neue font from the OS System/Fonts folder. Though, when I remove the font Applications such as InDesign, Quark and the MS Office suite will no longer recognize any other font that is not located in the System/Font folder. Not if the font is managed by Font Agent Pro, or if I remove font management and install the font locally. However, TextEdit does see and can use the fonts managed by Font Agent or locally installed.


      I have smashed caches. Restarted in safe mode to clear the Font Book DB. I've removed Font Book entirely. I've tried installing my PS Helvetica Neue locally. Nothing works.


      Does anyone have any ideas?