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    Can not get Live Captions to show EXIF info


      Hello - I hope someone can help! 


      I need to show in an eBook I am doing the EXIF info from images (Camera, ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Lens, Focal Length, Metering, Flash), but I am getting a return message of <No data from link> for all fields in the Live Captions - except for lens field, which shows up correctly.  The EXIF info can be seen in the XMP info file in InDesign, but it just does not pull through when using Live Caption.


      I am using Lightroom 5.7 and InDesign CC2014, the EXIF info can be seen correctly in Lightroom, Bridge and InDesign, just not via Live Captions! 


      Any ideas how to fix this? Plugin required? Script?


      Any help much appreciated.