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    How can I change the color in this "pieces"

    Pedro Garbelini

      Hello guys, I'm new in the forum and I'm searching for help.




      I'm using a free template that I downloaded from

      the internet but I'm having a small problem.


      When I put the logo that I want use in the template, the color is not the original one,
      after some minutes trying to discover how I could change it to the original version of the logo, I found an option on "fill" with a color that I could change..
      the problem is that when I change the color, all the logo changes in the same time, so I created 2 logos.. one of then only with the dark color and the other with the red color

      so with this method I could change both colors on this "fill" option and all would be okai.
      the problem is that both of the logos are changing in the same time.

      I need to change the X to RED and the Moto to Black


      Another problem that I have is : the little pieces of the logo that come all togheter, they are all black.. and i need to change it to the right color.
      cause the text are in one color and the pieces are all black.