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    Printing on Linen cardstock, coverage looks faded, didnt use to!

    VicoDrive Level 1

      We have several high end commercial Konica and Xerox color printers.  Im running a job through InDesign that ive run a hundred times on this same 80# linen cardstock.  Each time, it comes out with a slightly faded or washed out look.  Its not extreme but its not exactly acceptable either.  Generally you might suspect this because you are printing with toner which doesnt get in all the holes that linen paper has.  But the thing is, this use to print perfectly all the time on every printer we have.  Now its not working with any of them.  All I can blame this on is the way Im sending it to the printer which from what I can tell is also the same way Ive always done it before, I cant see this as being a printer problem since its all of them.  It has to be something about how Im sending the job over!  Im completely out of ideas on what to try, any suggestions??