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    Forms Central / Copyright & Securing Documents


      @Hi there,


      Forms Central

      I am creating forms on Form Central (which i understand will be no longer from July 2015).

      What I wanted to know if adobe is going to implement something different or will this service become completely obsolete?

      I love using this. I am little disappointed it's being removed because I have only had 2 months to use it.

      The templates have been really useful and it's really improved my adobe skills tremendously.

      I am doing stuff I've never been able to do before.

      My work looks so much more professional.


      Copyright and Securing Documents

      Also, would anyone be able to instruct me on how to secure pdf forms I have created to ensure that I am the only person / administrator for the form. I have in the past been taken for a ride with colleagues stealing my work and claiming as their own. This time I want to be sure I have secured all documents I have created. I am not sure how to copyright my forms and I want to ensure secure recognition for designing them.

      Would someone be able to provide a step-by-step instruction showing me how to do this?


      Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management

      What is this?

      Would this be something I have to buy and add on to my current adobe subscription?


      Very warm regards,