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    Have we forgotten our Operational Force? DCO Ending 30-MAY

    Charlie11B Adobe Employee (Admin)


      This morning I participated in an Adobe Connect (Defense Connect Online - DCO) meeting with the mighty forward elements of US CENTCOM. To say that they have been busy lately would be a galactic understatement. Over the years, CENTCOM has become one of the largest operational users of the Defense Connect Online system. Operational workloads include:


      • COP (Common Operational Picture)
      • BUB (Battle Update Briefings)
      • CUB (Command Update Briefings)


      These activities are quite common amongst operational force and utilize DCO-S (SIPRNET) and are persistent activities that run on a cycle (24x7). They asked me, does DISA know what we do? Do they know that DCS / Ad Hoc capability does not support our workloads? It can be debated whether or not DCO started (circa 2008) as a mission critical operational system, today there is no question...the real question is...Have we forgotten our Operational Force?