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    Where is my Dropbox add-on?


      I'm being drawn in to the CC vortex kicking and screaming! I have a bought and recently up-dated version of LR installed and working fine on my iMac. Simply and obviously, I needed the Dropbox add on to make selected photos available for various projects. So I bought the add-on down at the Adobe general store. Then I come to find out that I can't just install it to my LR. I have to buy in to installing CC manager on my computer. I am told that THEN, once I'd done that, that the add-on would magically appear when I restart LR. HA! Not so simple Grasshopper! I've followed all the recommendations to instal this and adjust that and still, no indication that I had bought this add-on or where on earth I can find it. Deadends and obfuscation abound and its driving me nuts as the whole process eats away at my deadline. PLEASE HELP! Is it simply that I have to start paying for the whole CC suite, monthly as if I were a wealthy corporate Art Director? or is there a way for this humble country gardener to use MY LR swiftly and efficiently for the two or three design projects i need to do a year?

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          K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

          No, you do NOT need to have a subscription to CC in order to use any Add-ons for Lightroom. This is a misconception. The CC Desktop app is a free download, available here: http://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud, and it is the tool that will download add-ons to your computer, freely.


          For Lightroom, they generally download to your local Downloads folder on C Drive. Add-ons for Lightroom will not automatically install into Lightroom (unless stated so in the installation instructions from the add-on producer - but we only have 2 add-ons that currently do a direct install for Lightroom and Dropbox isn't one of them), so some manual input is necessary from the user. The 'Where to find it' section at https://creative.adobe.com/addons/my_addons will give instructions for then importing the add-on into Lightroom, so once you see your downloaded file (usually a ZIP) in your Downloads folder, please follow the instructions there for what to do next. It's very quick and easy to import plug-ins into Lightroom using Lightroom's built-in plug-in manager.


          If you have any problems with the download itself, please keep watch on the 'Activity' stream tab on the CC Desktop App for any installation failure messages, and report them to us on the Add-ons Forum, here: Adobe Exchange. But the download is usually seamless. Depending on the file size, it can take 5-10 minutes, and if you're using a Windows computer, often Windows will want your permission to download the file, so please lookout for any popups in the systray at the bottom right of your screen.