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    Where's my Dropbox add-on?


      I'm being drawn in to the CC vortex kicking and screaming! I have a bought and recently up-dated version of LR installed and working fine on my iMac. Simply and obviously, I needed the Dropbox add on to make selected photos available for various projects. So I bought the add-on down at the Adobe general store. Then I come to find out that I can't just install it to my LR. I have to buy in to installing CC manager on my computer. I am told that THEN, once I'd done that, that the add-on would magically appear when I restart LR. HA! Not so simple Grasshopper! I've followed all the recommendations to instal this and adjust that and still, no indication that I had bought this add-on or where on earth I can find it. Deadends and obfuscation abound and its driving me nuts as the whole process eats away at my deadline. PLEASE HELP! Is it simply that I have to start paying for the whole CC suite, monthly as if I were a wealthy corporate Art Director? or is there a way for this humble country gardener to use MY LR swiftly and efficiently for the two or three design projects i need to do a year?