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    "Assertion Failed" error message.

    andreww44774605 Level 1

      I recently added a new title to my ADE library. After opening the title, every time I try to scroll down from the title page or scroll up from the table of contents, ADE crashes and I get this “Assertion Failed!” message. According to it, the break happens in the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime in the file ...\src\rmsdk_api_reader_cpp, and in the line 1360 with the expression, loc!=NULL.

      I was wondering if there were any fixes for this? I should add all other titles in my library work normally. In fact scrolling down from the table of contents in this problem title is fine as well. This break only happens in one particular spot in the title and that is when scrolling between the title page and the table of contents. The content provider claims it is a problem with ADE and not its title.