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    Open files from within Fireworks CS6 does not work


      I'm using Fireworks CS6 as part of my creative cloud account. I have a MacBook Pro Retina with 16gb of ram, 256gb ssd. Everything works pretty good, but when I go to Open from the file menu, everything slows down to sludge and even if I'm able to cancel out of it, the application is no longer usable and has to be force quit. I removed the application from my computer and reinstalled, but it did not help. I also have it installed on my iMac with similar but inferior specs and I have no problems using the Open Dialog box.


      Is there any fix for this? It's driving me nuts. I always go to Open to open a file and then I have to start all over and if I have open files that haven't been saved, I lose all of my changes.


      Any thoughts?