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    Multipage table of contents won't auto-flow onto second (third, etc.) page


      My problem is with text reflow within a multipage table of contents.


      I am working in a long book form document that will include more than 10 chapters.  I have the first few chapters complete, and already the table of contents (also a separate TOC style list of figures and a TOC style list of tables) is several pages long.  I noticed that only the first page of the three TOC lists was showing up in their respective text frames, so I did the Pages>Add Page>Setup Smart Test Reflow thing that you would do with a brand new document to get text automatically flowing from one page to the next.  Once this was done everything showed up properly and I thought all was good, but I soon discovered that the smart reflow links I had created are lost every time I update the TOC.  No amount of saving can preserve them.


      At first I thought that this would not be a big deal (although annoying), because I could just do a final update when the document was complete, redo the reflow links, and all would be good.  However, this is not the case, because the list of figures and list of tables appear in the main table of contents, and their page numbers are shown incorrectly as soon as I update the main table.


      Does anyone have any idea why my TOCs are limiting themselves to a single page by default?  Moreover, how can I set them up to automatically reflow text onto second, third, etc pages if my TOC requires multiple pages?


      Thanks in advance for any advise.