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    How Do You Make A Continuously Looped Background?




      I am new to this forum so i wasn't sure what community to put this in but after effects seemed appropriate as that is the program I am using,

      so basically I have a jpg image which I want to make it look like it is moving as if I am in a car travelling at speed. Does anyone know how to do this so that it is continuously looped and can go for as long as I want it to and be seamless.


      Cheers in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The trick to making a seamlessly looping back around is to make the first frame and the last frame identical, then delete the last frame. Let's say you want a 10 second loop and you have shot a big long panorama that you can move from left to right. In Photoshop you will need to blend or copy the right side of the photograph to the left then fix the overlap so that your panorama is seamless.


          Create a new comp in After Effects that is 10 seconds long. Position your panorama all the way to the right so that the left edge exactly matches the left edge of your composition, then set a keyframe for position. I move the CTI to the last frame of your composition him to move your panorama so the right edge exactly matches the right edge of the composition. Now here comes the tricky part. Move the CTI back one frame. Press the N key to set the outpoint of the work area to 10 seconds -1 frame, right click in the work area and select trim composition to work area.


          You're done, render or pre-compose and set up a loop for time remapping. If you render then after you import, go to your footage interpretation and set the number of loops you want for the video.

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            Willp007 Level 1



            in the end I found a way myself which is ok so I will try his to see if theres much difference