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    What is the best budget Creative Cloud pc configuration for around $1000?


      I'm a starving student... as the saying goes.  I could really use your help figuring out how to best spend my very limited funds.


      I don't have the budget to build a superpowered PC that has one of the supported graphic cards listed on adobe's system requirements page for adobe premiere but would like to see if it's possible to build a functional machine anyway.  Ideally this machine could run adobe premiere and after effects fairly smoothly for non-HD format video. (I assume it could handle any other CC app easily if it can handle premiere.)


      After doing a good bit of research and some consulting with some PC configurator folks by email it seems the best recommendation is the following:


      CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.2Ghz 6MB Cache Quad-Core

      RAM: 16GB

      Storage: 1TB Western Digital Blue

      GPU: Nvidia Quadro K620


      That's $976 assembled and shipped with a 3 year warranty [linked removed by moderator]


      The nvidia quadro card is NOT listed as supported but it does seem to be targeted at Creative Cloud users (comes with a discount card for CC.)


      Does anyone have any experience running the K620?  Is there a similarly priced card (about $160) that you might recommend as being better?


      Also... would anyone here bump RAM down to 8GB in exchange for a more powerful Intel i7 cpu?


      Thanks for your help!