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    Giving buttons actions

      I have buttons made that currently have no action. i just want the button to have a movie clip appear when it is clicked. what would the actioncript look like for that?
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          I'm sure this has been answered many times already...but you would do it like:

          // on the main timeline with button named 'my_btn' in the instance name panel
          my_btn.onRelease = function(){
          my_mc._visible = true;

          ..or if you append the code onto the button itself:

          my_mc._visible = true;
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            beesbane Level 1
            i put that in and it says no errors when i check it but it still does nothing. I feel like such a fool. what am i doing wrong? I select the keyframe the button is on and put that code in, and in my tested movie... nothing.