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    clear signature


      I have a form that I signed roughly two weeks ago. Within that time, there became a need to clear that signature. Normally, when I would right-click on my signature, I would be provided an option to "clear signature". I am no longer able to see that option. I signed the document using the same version I am currently using, on the same computer, and the document has validated the signature.


      How do I clear a signature using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, ver 11.0.10?



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          IsakTen Level 4

          You need to have the same signing certificate, that you used to sign your document two weeks ago, still operational. When you open this PDF and validate the signature, open the Signature Panel, expand the signature info and look for Signer's info. If it says "Signed by the current user", the signing certificate for this signature is still operational. If is say "Signer's identity is valid", it is not operational. Is your signing certificate self-signed or procured from a Certificate Authority? Are you on Mac or Windows? If you are on Windows have you placed your signing certificate in the Windows Store or Acrobat's Digital IDs? Open Digital IDs dialog (Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities&Trusted Certificates->More...) and see if your signing certificate is still there. You may need to sign it in if it is marked as logged out. You may have moved your signing certificate (perhaps unwittingly) to a different location and Acrobat cannot find it.

          The bottom lone is if Acrobat has access to the certificate that was used to create the signature you can clear it. If not, then not.