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    using data merge, but adding numbers across a page

    lister110 Level 1



      I have a page of tickets which need to be numbered 001 - 100. The page has been made with the tickets butted up to each for the printer, the current page has 000 and data merge has been added with a text file linked. I am trying to get the result like below..


      001, 002

      003, 004

      005, 006

      007, 008


      then next page.. continue...


      The problem I have is that I cant get data merge to move across the page as above, basically I get a page full of 001 and then the next page 002 and so on. Is it possible to create a data merge or something similar that can apply the numbers and create the next pages



      Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 22.52.28.png