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    Adobe Camera Raw support for Canon 5DS? (PS CS6)


      (moving this question here, from the Photoshop forum)


      1) How much of a lag is expected between introduction of the Canon 5DS camera (approx June) and Adobe supporting it in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)?  From my reading elsewhere, it sounds like 2 to 6 months, depending on timing w.r.t. the ACR release schedule -- can anyone fine-tune that expectation a bit?


      2) Will that support be provided in an ACR update for Photoshop CS6?
          (or will Adobe force us at that point to either subscribe to CC in order to get the ACR update, or "jump ship" to another company's image editing product?
            ...in which case, I'd have to finally jump ship, but I really don't want to.)

          I saw a statement in this blog that Adobe will provide new-camera support for recent PS CS releases,
          but that's a 2011 blog posting so that was way before CC came out, so I wonder how true it is, nowadays.


      thanks for any help...

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          New cameras are usually added to the next release of the ACR plug-in and LR after the camera is available for sale.  In the past, a new version of ACR/LR is released every 3-4 months and new cameras are released whenever the manufacturers want to, so there could be anywhere from a few weeks to several months delay, depending on the exact sequencing of the camera release and the next scheduled software release.  Occasionally it seems like Adobe will delay a plug-in release to be able to include a new, important camera in it, but other times buyers of a popular camera wait several months.  Adobe does have a set schedule for releases so aren't rushed into releasing a new plug-in whenever a new camera model is released.   A six-month wait would only be for a camera that is difficult to support immediately and requires some innovation to the raw-decoding process, rather than just the usual camera-profiling that isn't that difficult.


          As to your other question about whether CS6 will include support for the 5Ds, right now Adobe is selling CS6 and CC so they are providing new camera support via the ACR plug-in updates for both.  It remains to be seen if CS6 is still sold by the time new camera support is added for the 5Ds or not and will likely be a business decision based on factors entirely unrelated to the 5Ds.

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            Larry128w Level 1

            OK, thanks for the info, ssprengel.  Sounds like #1 won't be an issue; Adobe will add the 5DS camera as soon as reasonably possible.  No problem there; I don't expect it to be instantaneous.


            So that leaves #2 as my concern.  I really hope that Adobe stays smart and continues providing these kinds of updates to ACR for CS5 and CS6 indefinitely.  I'm OK with not including new features in those updates (although it would be nice if those were available in a "CS7" or "CS8" ).


            (I know it's off-topic, but Adobe, are you listening?  I will *never* participate in a subscription model.  Please offer new PS versions for sale, again)

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              CS5 stopped getting updates with ACR 6.7 some years ago.  I’m not sure what you’re seeing that says otherwise, unless it is talking about using a newer version of the DNG Converter released after a new camera was supported to create DNGs of that new camera’s raw files that would be compatible with older versions of the ACR plug-in.  The DNG Converter is free, but the workflow would involve an extra step of conversion that is more cumbersome.


              The CC program has been very successful and is helping Adobe keep a more steady revenue stream instead of having cashflow be once every year and a half when a new payfor upgrade is released, so I doubt they’ll be going back to the uncertainty and opportunity for people to skip paying for upgrades even though Adobe has to continue paying programmers to make them.  The older CSn-series and newer CC versions are priced for business users, so unless businesses abandon the subscription pricing model, I doubt individual users are going to have much to do with how it is sold.


              As long as CS6 is being sold I’d expect Adobe to keep supporting it with new updates, but once there is a major OS change that makes the existing codebase too old to support on newer computers, I’d guess they’ll abandon it, if not for another reason, sooner.