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    Render nodes suddenly change output settings all at once


      The typical scenario is as follows:


      One of my artists submits a job to our render farm via Deadline. The expected output is a PNG sequence, with each render node outputting part of the total job (Deadline splits the job up based on number of frames per task, set by the user).


      The render nodes pick the job up and begin rendering. Upon finishing, each node will move on to the next available task.Usually about halfway through a job's render (i.e. half the tasks finish), any render node that picks up its next task changes the output settings from PNG sequence to Quicktime Animation. From here on, any node - regardless of platform - will render out a single Quicktime (or .avi if it's a PC).


      The way we have our farm set up means that each node then copies its .mov to the final render location, thus overwriting previously-rendered .mov files. Rendered PNG files are left untouched.


      I've gone to Thinkbox (developers of Deadline) with this and they've pointed me to Adobe, saying the closest thing they can think of is the documented render node output module issues (ex.: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1177931). The thing I can't figure out is a) why this seems to happen more consistently with certain jobs and doesn't happen at all with others, and b) once it happens to one node it affects all the rest. The only thing we can do right now is re-submit the render, and even then that won't work until another try or so.


      What can I do? AE CC is updated on both client and render machines to 12.2.